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November 26th, 2006, 03:01
coded by Omnicrash:

Ever wanted to be able to switch between all the brightness modes, even when the AC wasn't plugged in? Now you can!

It is intended for firmware 2.71 SE, but it should also work with devhook and 1.5 custom firmware.


As with all things related to FLASH MODDING, use this at your own risk.
If you're not sure what you are doing, you may end up BRICKING your PSP!!!
Use this at your OWN RISK!

To install on 2.71 SE, you can use the included UMF installers by Coldbird:
- Copy the 2 folders, PSP
- Use the VSH one for use in the VSH/XMB
- Use the GAME one for use in your games

To install in devhook:
- Copy the BC.PRX file in the INSTALL folder, to your ms:\DH\KD folder
- Add a line in either (or both) pspbtncnf.txt and pspbrncnf_game.txt in the flash0/kd folder of your devhook firmware under ms0:/dh/kd/devhook.prx pointing to the path of the prx.
For example:

Remember, pspbtncnf.txt is for use in the VSH/XMB, and pspbtncnf_game.txt will be used ingame.

After installation, you can use the SCREEN button (next to the NOTE, SELECT and START buttons) to switch between the 4 levels of brightness. When the prx is initialized, it automaticaly sets it to maximum brightness.
Also, you can hold LTRIGGER, then press the SCREEN button to reduce brightness one level (so you don't have to cycle trough all the levels with the SCREEN button).
And if you hold RTRIGGER, then press the SCREEN button, it will switch directly to maximum brightness.

NOTE: It is important that you FIRST hold one of the triggers, then press the screen button, and not the other way around.

NOTE 2: If you are at the bottom level (brightnes level 1/4), you can go to a brightness level even lower, by holding LTRIGGER and then pressing the SCREEN button.

- 4 brightness levels without the AC plugged in, plus an extra 5th darker one
- Fade effect between switching
- Go back a level with LTRIGGER, switch to maximum instantly with RTRIGGER

- In Burnout (possibly also other games) you may experience problems loading/saving and using HOME to exit, this probably has something to do with the way I handle/create my threads, if anyone can help me on this one, would be apreciated
- When switching between different brightness levels, the screen may flicker once. This is a result of using the SCREEN button to do so, all the standard PSP code that's connected to that button is still intact, so the PSP will try to change it, and after that I correct it, so it flickers once
- When using auto backlight off in power settings, and you use the lowest brightness level (the ultra dark one below level 1), the screen will actually get lighter before it shuts off. Minor inconvenience
- When holding down the screen button to turn off the screen, you may have to hold it a little longer for the backlight to turn off


- Fixed backlight not turning off when holding down the screen button
- Fixed backlight not turning off when it's set to automaticly turn of after x minutes in power settings
- Switch to maximum instantly with RTRIGGER + SCREEN button
- Now only 4 levels (the standard ones) + a 5th extra dark, acessible only by LTRIGGER + SCREEN
- Now applies the setting after the release of the SCREEN button, instead of when you push it in, like the original PSP setting

- In some games you could not exit with home after installing this mod, fixed now
- Now the screen can not go completely dark (you can hold the screen button for that)
- Now 6 brightness levels instead of 11 (was more then neccesary ) Ultra dark, dark, not-so-dark, medium, bright and ultra bright
- You can also now just press the screen button once to change between these 6 modes. Screen button + triggers also still works

- Now uses the SCREEN instead of the NOTE button

- Gradually switch between 10 different settings using LTRIGGER an RTRIGGER + NOTE

- Initial release
- Locks the brightness at level 4 at all times

November 30th, 2006, 04:17
Awesome, thanks!

November 30th, 2006, 16:13
Cool , this is good

November 30th, 2006, 18:32
Yeh, i used to do this by:

Putting the charger in
Going to high brightness,
loading a game (running gameboot)
and take out charger.

That might help others who dont have Custom Firmware

PS it rips the battery.