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November 28th, 2006, 02:20

Need people to post games and test website script. thanks.

- Game submission form
- Immediate database refreshing
- List is automatically sorted in alphabetical order

To come:
- more graphical, ie. graphic representation of speed
- Ability to add further comments
- Security features if people start purposefully try to screw up the database.

Please keep in mind I have no idea how to code so if you find bugs please lemme know. This script was written in perl, all coding by me except a snippet that does the sorting.

November 28th, 2006, 03:12
I made my own site too :p If someone who knows PHP could help me out, I would be very thankful. I don't know much PHP but did some research and made this site. Just need to do some form validation and maybe some graphics and all should be good :)

Site is here (http://snipr.servegame.com) ;)

November 28th, 2006, 03:20
Id add code to sort the list in alphabetical order. PHP is far superior to perl cos you could probably add code to sort by speed, name etc. Perl can do it but its alot more coding. If people actually use mine or I get board and just start submitting my own Ill definetly be adding a search feature. Another feature I may add once all the emulators are up to speed is to allow people to submit game compatibility for any of the emulators avialable. Right now mine just has PS1P Alpha and the new one.

November 28th, 2006, 03:24
Hmm...maybe we can sort a group of people to make a really good site :) What I'd need is some people who know how to program in PHP and maybe some graphics for ratings and such. I know XHTML and CSS so the styling won't be a problem :D

November 28th, 2006, 04:33
Thanks to all that have already started contributing. Anyone using Alpha 2 please post too.
If a game is listed as not working but you got it working, please post and comment how.

I will be adding ALL alpha 1 and 2 data from dcemu and marking the contributor as DCEMU.

Keep it coming :)

November 28th, 2006, 22:02
Great website, the list is huge already!

November 29th, 2006, 05:33
Thanks but most of it was taken from the sticked threads. And BTW my bad, I misread... There's no alpha 2 he was referring to a totally different emulator. Anyways yeah there is a ton of games listed but unfortunetly most of the info from those 2 stickies lack Region, Speed(if working) and more indepth compatibilty comments.. ie. need save game, works best at XXX%, garbled graphics.. etc. SO even if a game is already listed please contribute anyways except if a game is already listed as not working... dont submit saying its not working.. er basically please dont spam my site with info already posted.

Every weekend I plan on going through the list and making a master list, including everyones comments w/ of course credz. So there will be 2 lists... the official and than the unofficial free for all where I get to spend an hour or so sorting through a weeks worth of new contributions. But hey its worth it if it means a concise, accurate list.

If anyone wishes to help me out PM me. Hopefully $n!pR, myself anyone else come together as one and make ONE list.

November 29th, 2006, 17:18
I've been working on coding (had to do some research on PHP) and I think I have a pretty good system now.
Currently its in testing phase and hopefully I can make it even better :D

Test Site Here (http://snipr.servegame.com/test)