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November 30th, 2006, 13:20
click here! (http://www.superufo.com/product_html/SONY_PSP_PSP_Bank_with_40GB_HDD.html)
From what I'm seeing this is a 40gig harddrive for the psp, but can u hook it up and its a 40 gig on the psp or only transfer to the card in the psp because i'm kinda confused as to how this would work, because it would be hella nice to have 40gigs on a psp.

November 30th, 2006, 13:39
On The Go means that the device has a built in interface for file transfer. I.E. no PC is required to transfer files. I have a similar device that holds 80 gigs and it is really great. The only problem is battery life. You can imagine transfering a couple of gigs runs the battery down in no time.

I guess maybe with usbhost in devhook you could use it as directly attached storage. But out of the box, all it does is transfer files to the memory card without the need for a PC.

December 1st, 2006, 00:13
Nice add-on, but there's no way in hell you'll see me spending an extra $100+ for anything for my PSP...

December 1st, 2006, 11:36
wow u can transfer up to 4gigs.... that is a waste in my opinion...

December 1st, 2006, 11:41
I have all my ripped dvd's stored on mine. saves me taking the laptop on road trips :)

it's not /just/ for psp. they can suck photos off your camera etc also. That is a feature I use a lot. saves me having to buy a big memory card for the camera :)

December 1st, 2006, 11:46
i guess it would be useful to transfer *cough*iso's*cough* and other files like emu's and stuff cause they're so big, but still its almost 200$...

December 1st, 2006, 18:37
oh my god, it's a lot! I want it :)

December 1st, 2006, 19:23
This is good

December 1st, 2006, 20:39
I wonder if there is a way to get a External laptop hd enclosure to work with an psp.
The prob is that the usb port on the PSP in not a controller port.
You would need an driver for that..
like this one >>http://www.meritline.com/usb-hard-disk-enclosure-black-25.html

What do you think?
maybe with a prog like irshell or something, build an interface.

I'm just fishing here...

December 2nd, 2006, 04:14
From the description it seems like its a hard-drive with the ability to link up to USB slave devices and transfer the information from the HD to the slave device. This is all good until you need to copy over "Part 2 of ----- Movie".

Now if it had the option run USBHostFS... That'd be frickin sweet :)

December 19th, 2006, 11:24
Now if it had the option run USBHostFS... That'd be frickin sweet :)
samething i was thinking!