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May 4th, 2012, 15:01
Heres the latest news from the PSN Team:

This is the first post in a four-part series from the development team about the making of Sorcery (http://eu.playstation.com/ps3/games/detail/item287568/?WT.mc_id=PDC_blog_g). In this video, we talk about how artists, engineers, and designers at The Workshop designed the game to take advantage of the unique capabilities of the Move (http://eu.playstation.com/psmove/) controller in order to create a completely original spell-casting experience. While some motion-controlled games feel like you’re playing “Simon Says”, the gestures in Sorcery (http://blog.eu.playstation.com/tag/sorcery/) are fluid and organic. Aiming spells and chaining them together into powerful combos requires both creative thinking and quick reflexes.

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