View Full Version : mp3prx as Module for 2.71 SE-C

December 2nd, 2006, 19:30
After looking up and down for an easy guide on how to use the mp3prx to play my mp3's from the "ms0:/PSP/MUSIC" folder IN GAME, with no luck, and consequently having to educatedly guess/test how/if it would work, I decided to write this little How-To

Notes: This Module is awesome!!! it even lets you change the CPU Clock speed all the way to 333mhz and go to the 4th brightness level, so its 3 plugins in one!!


First of all, this guide is intended for ppl that have 2.71 SE-C. The version of the file used in this guide is intended for 2.71 SE-B'', so all steps indicated here are to use it for the 2.71 SE-C firmware.

Download the joek2100ís mp3prx 0.3b from psp-hacks.com (http://www.psp-hacks.com/download.php?id=914)

Make the folder "seplugins" in the root of your memory stick, and make sure you have mp3 files in the "PSP\MUSIC" folder.

Open the mp3prx_03b.zip file and copy "irsmp3.prx" from "mp3prx_03b\INSTALL" to the "seplugins" folder in your PSP.

Open your favorite text editor (notepad will do) and copy/paste this:


Save this as "game.txt" on the "seplugins" folder in your PSP.

Do a hard-reset on your psp (when on, slide and hold the On/Off switch for about 5 seconds until it turns off), then turn it on again while holding the Right shoulder button. go to the "Plugins" option, select the "irsmp3.prx [GAME]" option and click X. It should say "(Enabled)". Go back, and then Exit.

Start your game. Wait until it loads and then click note(the Button with a musical icon)+Left shoulder button. Thats it!

You should always read the README's, but if you dont like to or w/e, here's the controls:

(The Note button is to the left of select)
Note + Left Trigger = pause/resume playback
Note + Right Trigger = switch playback mode between random and sequential
Note + D-Pad Left = previous song (only in sequential mode)
Note + D-Pad Right = next song
Note + D-Pad Up = Volume up (for the mp3)
Note + D-Pad Down = Volume Down (for the mp3)
Note + Triangle = Change CPU speed
Note + Square = Toggle On Screen Display (default off)
Note + Circle = Reload list of mp3 files (needed if you change the files in the music folder using usb)
(when READY is displayed in the bottom left hand corner, press Note+ Left Trigger to start playback)
Note + Cross = Change brightness level (from current up to maximum)