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December 3rd, 2006, 15:39
Found this at http://www.pspbrew.com/index.php

As many of you already know, Ahman just recently released iR Shell v3.0, another amazing milestone in PSP Homebrew. With amazing multitasking abilities, and countless other features, it is truely the most powerful homebrew on the PSP to this date. iR Shell brings to thwwww.dax.ane table the perfect balance of flavor and function, delivering amazing capabilities, without much visual loss. For an example of what I'm talking about, check out the preview image below of the Xbox 360 skin's menu view, my personal favorite iR Shell Skin.

The only potential complaint about iR Shell comes with the fact that it isnt nessessarily a "noob friendly" program. For many it can be a little overwhelming to install the app, let alone begin delving into it's countless number of amazing features. So it's for that reason I threw together the iR Shell Pack Generator. Designed for the noob in mind, it makes installing iR Shell as simple as ever! All you have to do is select the iR Shell which matches your firmware version (1.5, 2.71 HEND, or 2.71 SE-C) and then choose which extras you want installed. Once thats done, simply select which Pack Type you would prefer (Auto Extracting EXE or Manual ZIP File), download it, and extract to the root of your PSP! Thats it, once you do that, your done!

As far as extras go, the iR Shell Pack Generator does not dissapoint! You will be able to choose from a list of countless skin and rdf files, and generate your own custom version of the program with only the files YOU chose, not the standard defaults! In addition, the iR Shell Pack Generator includes every skin ever made for iR Shell, and the .pmf intro files for those that have them. That is something you can't get from a standard iR Shell install package, which only contains a limited amount of skins, and no .pmf files! Below is a partial screenshot of the generator, and be sure to drop by the QJ release thread and tell me what you think!