View Full Version : 2.00 to 1.50 problem!!!

December 4th, 2006, 05:48
i cant get my psp to downgrade.. just doesent work.. ive done it before too. ive tried the mph downgrader and nothing happens when i go to the loader.. can someone give me instructions that work? :)

December 4th, 2006, 06:08
do you have the 1.50 eboot?

December 4th, 2006, 07:31
Is your computer's antivirus automatically deleting the overflow.tiff files? Because some do. If it is switch off your antivirus before dl'ing the files.

December 4th, 2006, 10:59
Is your computer's antivirus automatically deleting the overflow.tiff files? Because some do. If it is switch off your antivirus before dl'ing the files.

yes i do have the 1.5 eboot

and also i think thats the problem.. in the dl it never has the overflow.tiff.. i guess thats the problem lemme try that and reply.. thanks for comments and help so far.

edit: well that was the problem but i cant seem to get past the firewall since ive turned off all the firewalls.. it still wont let me extract the .tiff file :(

December 4th, 2006, 14:36
firewalls, :? ehm,
sounds wierd, but ok ;b

December 4th, 2006, 16:25
Try getting the 2.0/2.01 easy downgrader

December 4th, 2006, 16:31
ok where do i get the easy downgrader? :), i hope its not one i tried already

December 4th, 2006, 16:52
Here is the 2.0/2.01 downgrader : http://www.psp-hacks.com/file/776

But first you need to install the eloader
Which can be found here : http://www.psp-hacks.com/file/758

December 4th, 2006, 23:22
ok i got the eboot menu and the 1.5 update and the downgrader. it says;

Setting version 1.00
Note: you will need to install a v1.5 update to complete the downgrade process to v1.5.
Press X to continue, or O to cancel

so i press x and it says;

Attempting to gain flash access...
Failed to assign flash2 device: 8001000D
Press a key to exit. No changes were made.

???? :(

December 4th, 2006, 23:48
You could always use a 2.71 downgrader if your comfortable upgrading to 2.71 then down from that with DA's generic downgrader, its how i done my girlfriends, but she was on 2.01 so i had to go to 2.71 first, was straight forward and simple though.

December 4th, 2006, 23:57
I had the same problem. I extracted the file from my PSP (I downloaded the pack from my PSP web browser...) You could just have someone email it to you and then you open it from your PSP web browser.

December 21st, 2006, 11:21
o can someone give me the 2.7 update so i can downgrade to 1.5 :D

December 21st, 2006, 11:30
Have you tried using the easy downgrader for 2.00 /2.01

If that doesn't work then try updating to 2.01 then try that should do it

December 22nd, 2006, 09:14
the firmware 2.71 can be found here http://www.psp-hacks.com/category/36

you could also use the easy downgrader for 2.71 herehttp://www.psp-hacks.com/file/755
i used this one yesterday to downgrade a 2.0
i went from 2.0 to 2.71 and then with the easy downgrader full back to 1.5

December 22nd, 2006, 11:13
thanks for the quick reply.. but how do i update using the eboot? :)

i put it in the game folder and im using emenu v0.2 by noobz and when i open the 2.7 update homebrew it says "we are all noobz..." then it goes to a dark screen for 3 seconds.. then it reloads the eboot menu and nothing happens i guess

December 22nd, 2006, 11:18
Create a UPDATE folder in the game folder so

X = Drive Letter

X://PSP/GAME/UPDATE/place you Eboot.PBP here

December 22nd, 2006, 11:21
yea the eboot menu still does the same thing.. but when i put the eboot in the UPDATE folder the UPDATE file came up in the eboot.. but does nothing, should i just get a new eboot menu?

December 22nd, 2006, 11:21
create x:\psp\game\update folder put 1.5 eboot inside
start noobz downdater and then start the 1.5 "update"

December 22nd, 2006, 11:24
o wiat weird.... i downgraded to 1.0 somehow using the 2.7 update.. when i used the 1.5 update it didnt work, i guess im finished with this topic thanks all that helped :)

December 22nd, 2006, 11:29
nooo dude the downgrader tricks your psp into thinking its a 1.0 so you can run the 1.5 update
to "update" 2.0 to 1.5

read the readme

December 22nd, 2006, 11:51
best thing to do is to update to 2.6 then use an easy downgrade package somewhere.