View Full Version : HTML plugin for iRShell(2.71fw) by Dark_AleX (and possibility for update to iR Shell)

December 6th, 2006, 08:21
Yes it is the real Dark_AleX if your wondering, heres what he had to say;

A simple html plugin for irshell that uses the internal Sony/Access psp Netfront browser (and because of that, it cannot work in 1.50).

It will alow you to read html files, remember to use the extension .htm instead of .html, because irshell only supports extensions of 3 characters.

If you use a host, don't forget to allow the redirection, because the firmware browser can only load files from "ms0:". (still, maybe nethostfs won't work, i haven't tested it).

Source included.

And later on in the thread ahman posted this

I'm really honored to have the best PSP hacker doing a html plugin for iR Shell. Thank you very much! BTW, I'll modify iR Shell to support 1-4 character extensions.
Now does this mean we may see another version of iR Shell, or just an update to 3.0. Well, probably the second, but an update to iR Shell is always welcome on my PSP

Download HTML plugin here - iR Shell Forums (http://www.phpbber.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?mforum=irshell&t=1056&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0&mforum=irshell)

Mr. Shizzy
December 6th, 2006, 09:14
Not only is this extremley useful, but it's great to hear from Dark_AleX. :D

December 6th, 2006, 17:06
well, theres a new beta of ir shell out for the tester so it seems we might just get a new ir shell, heres the features of the beta

New Features:
- Support Devhook 0.51. A new option "Devhook Launcher Ver" is added under iR Configurator which allows you to choose to launch Devhook 0.4x or Devhook 0.51. For devhook 0.51, iR Shell doesn't keep any devhook settings and will you those settings that you had defined under original devhook launcher. The devhook CPU speed will carry forward from iR Shell even for 0.51. Pls note you shouldn't enable usbhostfs or nethostfs when launching devhook 0.51.
- Plugin suffix extension has been changed from 3 characters to 1-4 characters.

Bug Fix:
- Fixed the system crash when running iR Shell under firmware 1.5 mode of Dark_Alex 2.71 SEC, if you exit iR Shell while "Allow Adhoc PC Connection for Homebrew" is enabled.

ok, so its not the greatest changelog ever, but still, is ahman really going to give up working on ir shell, or are we gonna keep seeing little tweaks like this (i hope so, but he if he quits then i wont complain like loads of people would)

Mr. Shizzy
December 6th, 2006, 17:11
I'm just grateful for all Ahmen and Dark_AleX have done for us. If either one of them decide to walk away I wish them luck in there future endevors. :)

Although I'm praying they stay. :D

December 6th, 2006, 17:16
Well, im glad that Dark_AleX seems to be staying after the problems he had with the bricker site, and seeing as they both seem to be working closely together (2.71 SE-C bypassed Sony security so iR Shell could work fully, and now this plugin by Dark_AleX which came as a suprise to even ahman) we may just see one of the greatest shells that will ever be released for the PSP

December 7th, 2006, 16:06
Soz 4 double post people (yes, you are right, there is an edit button at the bottom of my last post)

News just in, ahman has released another beta of ir shell to testers (which will probably be released to the public after its been tested), only one new feature in this release, but its good news for people using ir shell on 2.71 kernal (either Hen or SE)

New Features:
- Universal IR Remote is now working under firmware 2.71 mode.

kudos to ahman, cant wait to see a new version of ir shell, if there will be one

December 7th, 2006, 17:26
awesome irshell that works with 0.51!!