View Full Version : M3 Perfect SD Slim and Minisd for $60.00 US and $2 shipping!*TRUSTED*

December 8th, 2006, 04:14
Sorry for the long title, but i wanted to make sure that everyone got the full message, as to be more inclined to read this post. Anyways, i just thought that i would share the great news with you guys that I have just recieved my M3 Perfect sd slimfrom www.consolezombie.com under the store section. I will also confirm that it is infact the m3 PERFECT, not the m3 PROFFESIONAL, so it isn't a ripoff in any way. THIS ONLY COSTED $60.00 U.S. WITH PRIORITY USPS MAIL $2.00 SHIPPING. This is the most amazing price i have ever encountered for an m3 in any form. warning, this website does NOT sell m3 lites, m3 cf's, or passcard 3s/passkeys. you will have to buy those seperately from a different online store.