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December 8th, 2006, 06:42
Ok am i just crazy or why hasent this been posted yet or did i miss it before.


Functionality :

- Same size as original DS cartridge , never stick out of any DS & DS Lite
- NO PC software required , Directly Drag‘N drop all files into the MicroSD(TF) card from Computer
- Directly play in SLOT1 of the DS without any passcard . FlashMe or WifiMe
- Supports the ultra large capacity TF(MicroSD)memory card upto 4GB(32Gbit)
- Supports all version of DS : Fat DS . DSL .IDS . IDSL
- Compatible with Clean Rom , Movie, Music and other media files
- Compatible with all the DS gamesave type (No battery required) and easy to Manage your gamesave files
- Compatible with DS Browser (with Memory Expansion Pack) & NDS (Lite) Rumble Pack
- Intuitively designed custom operating system which is fully upgradeable
- Compatible with the OS skinnable
- Compatible with the OS Multi Language (will add in Coming Future)
- Compatible the files transfer by WiFi dongle [WiFi Linker function] (will add in Coming Future)
- Compatible with the 3rd patry homebrew (X9FATLIB will release for edit the DS homebrewer)

For pictures and more info go HERE (http://www.ninjapass.com/index.php?mod=com_Products)

December 9th, 2006, 00:15
ive seen this, but i didnt pay any attention to it.