View Full Version : Game Option Doesn't Show Up

December 11th, 2006, 03:25
I have been into PSP homebrew for a long time and I am now I am putting homebrew on my friend's DS because he thinks I can do it better than him. The DS has an M3 lite with a 1gb Micro SD in it and it also has a Passcard. I want to put on some SNES and NES emulators but I'm having a bit of trouble. First I put on a SNES emulator and it worked. Then I decided that I wanted to try a different emulator and when I turned on the DS the Game opiton did not appear. It later appeared when I put on TTR and they disappeared again. Anyone know how to get it so I have the Game option all the time and not just the Movie, Music, Extend, etc. options?