View Full Version : Questions about using PC Moniter/Speakers. I've done my research, more detailed qu's.

December 11th, 2006, 16:03

I recently bought a 360 and planning on saving it till the 25th, the other day my friend told me about the whole 60hz tv deal, and knowing my luck, my tv is 50hz, bloody wonderful :rolleyes: ... so i've been looking at using a PC Moniter, read up on posts on maxconsole and read the article on IGN.com about this.. I think I know what I'm doing, but I really need some reassurance from someone who knows what they're doing.


Well as we know Microsoft has a VGA plug for vision, no probs there. But the RCA sound cables don't fit with the 3.5mm standard PC speakers, I found this:

I plan on plugging it into my Emachines Sp-30A's, IGN has pictures and descriptions saying this will work, just wanted to check if theres been any probs with it though? and that it does work RCA>3.5 not the other way round.. or both ways.


I heard MadCatz and others made VGA plugs for 360, is MS still the best or are there better?, any problems I should know about?

I also found this extremely worrying: http://www.xboxsolution.com/2006/06/22/av-faq-can-i-hook-the-xbox-up-to-my-computer-monitor/
QUOTE: "1. For most monitors, you will not be able to see the Xbox dashboard because it is in a display mode (480i) that computer monitors cannot handle through their VGA connector.

2. For most monitors, you will not be able to play DVDís, because DVD playback on the Xbox is also in 480i."

Is this true?, I have a Samsung SyncMaster 710v 17" TFT: http://www.it247.com/s.nl;jsessionid=ac112b1b1f4381373460797143009fe19a 6aae722ab7.e3eTaxmKbNaNe3aPaNyQa3aPaO1ynknvrkLOlQ% 20zNp65In0?it=A&id=32233&engine=froogle&keyword=Samsung+SyncMaster+710+V+-+flat+panel+display+-+TFT+-+17in.+-+GS17CSSN (C+P)

Hopefully this will work?, my concerns more about the dashboard then the DVD, but i still would like DVD capability.


unplugging speakers shouldnt be too hard, but swapping VGA plugs would be a real pain, i researched and found this:


and a link to a different site with different description: http://www.shoppingcentre.net/shop/switch-manual-monitor-sb472-p-595.html

Could this work fine?, surely the output would be exactly the same as if the 360/pc was directly plugged in, as its just switcher. But there was mention of ghosting?, I'm unsure about how to prevent that or if its even going to be a problem with my PC and 360, any info?

also heres a picture of the other side of it for anyone whos wanting one: http://www.softwarexpress.co.uk/images/30207f.jpg

I'm hoping theres some know-all-tech-god around that can give me the answers I need, it all will set me back about £30-£40 and be some hassle, but its worth it if I don't need a new TV and it will work perfect.

Thanks for any help :)