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December 13th, 2006, 11:22
:) Here is a very useful link I found yesterday which fixes the problem in Devhook 0.51 when quitting out of a game using 'Home' button. It also fixes the problem associated with certain Games that do not work in Devhook 0.51 such as Star Trek and Brother's In Arms (I do not encourage piracy in any way, this is for people who have legally ripped an ISO from their own bought copy of a UMD.)

Written by Eternalis
Saturday, 09 December 2006
Thanks to mrdude from the MAXconsole forums for finding this out.

Anyway, this is a fix for DevHook to stop it from crashing when you quit a game to the XMB and also allows you to run some ISOs such as Brothers In Arms which were previously not able to run.

These are the instructions (if you haven't done so already follow my guide on setting up DevHook 0.51 before doing this):
1. Download the firmware 3.00 EBOOT.PBP from here:

2. Download PBP Unpacker from here:

3. Run PBP Unpacker and then open the 3.00 EBOOT. Then use it to extract the DATA.PSAR

4. Copy the extracted DATA.PSAR to the root of your memory stick.

5. Now download PSAR dumper from here:

6. Extract the archive and copy psar_dump2 and psar_dump2% to ms0:/PSP/GAME (or ms0:/PSP/GAME150 if you have 2.71 SE-C on default settings).

7. Now run PSAR Dumper and press X.

8. When the dumping has finished and PSAR Dumper has auto-exited to the XMB, go into USB Mode on your PSP. You will find that an F0 folder will have been created on the root of your memory stick.

9. Go into ms0:\F0\kd\ and find the sysmem.prx. Copy the sysmem.prx to ms0:/dh/302/f0/kd and click on Yes when it asks to replace.

Thats it! The fix is done. Now you DevHook wont freeze when exiting a Game to the XMB and BIA will now work!


NB: This works on both versions of Devhook 0.51 and 0.51.001 - and works with both 3.01 and 3.02 FW

December 14th, 2006, 21:03
You're a genius!!

December 17th, 2006, 18:15
kool so it fixes all games? (i heard that my precious metal gear didnt run at first)

December 17th, 2006, 18:43
Nice work

December 20th, 2006, 07:11
Does this really work? Because I wanted to get BIA today but it froze and crap. So I did it and I put in Monster Hunter to test out the whole quitting a game with the HOME button, but it still just shut my psp down...did I do something wrong? all I did was DL the 3.00 Eboot (that is all I needed to DL, I had the rest of the files) and got the DATA.PSAR out and got the system.prx and put it in my 3.01 kd folder...

P.S. haven't had a chance to try out BIA yet...the gameshop is closed right now

December 20th, 2006, 09:47
Will this help run my SmackDown v Raw 2007 UMD?

December 20th, 2006, 18:10
Not sure if this fixes BIA or any other games that wouldn't run, but there was a much easier fix for the games tha would crash teh PSP when you hit him.

You have to rename your DH_51BETA (or whatever you named them) folders under ms0:\PSP\Game to DEVHOOK and DEVHOOK%. I know this makes a corrupt icon, but it keeps the Home button from crashing. the PSP

December 23rd, 2006, 02:24
... but there was a much easier fix for the games tha would crash teh PSP when you hit him.

lol who is him?