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December 17th, 2006, 00:30
First info about the game



Touch Screen controls! Story Mode and Attraction Mode take full advantage of the Touch Screen and stylus.
Colorful Cast of Characters! Besides everybody’s favorite, the classic Bomberman, there are tons of interesting characters to interact with.
Up to 8-Player Wireless Single-Card Play! Attraction Mode and the Battle Mode both support multiplayer action with only one Game Card required!
Incredible longevity! A 15-hour Story Mode, 36 stages in the Attraction Mode, and 20 stages in the Battle Mode.

Bomberman™ Land Touch! is a family-friendly action-adventure packed with explosive excitement! In the Story Mode, explore Bomber Island while solving unique puzzles, chatting with rival characters, and engaging in 36 different one-to-four-player “attractions” with action, racing, sports, and other themes. In Attraction Mode, enjoy any of the attractions you’ve unlocked in the Story Mode. In the Battle Mode, play classic multiplayer Bomberman with two to eight players via Wireless Single-Card or Multi-Card Play, or two to four players via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

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