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December 19th, 2006, 06:45
Hi Guys I just got 4 new DS games(For my B'day from my friends they thought I had a DS) without a DS handheld So I am planing to buy a DS lite.

I have few questions:
1.Does DS have bigger screen then DS Lite?
2.I have a GBC+GBA and lot of games is it possible to make backups of GBC and GBA with a newly purchased and fully set up NDS lite?
3.I dont know what pass card and flash card to buy I got a site that does retail in my country could u help me chose the best selection?http://www.supercard.sg/htdocs/fruit.html

and in best selection is that I can play homebrews both NDS and GBA homebrews effectively(1 time purchase and no need hassle if theres new firmware or watever DS needs)

and because I have 4 new games I wouldnt want to bring all of em I want to back em up and play(is it possible?) by putting all of em in 1 flash cart

I know dcemu dont talk bout roms and such so If its not possible to tell me here may be give me a link to other forums or PM

thank you very much

January 2nd, 2007, 14:33
the screens, as far as i know are the same size, if either is bigger i would guess that it would be the ds's

as for backups, i believe its possible. i myself wouldeither just play the games in the gba slot(gbc's dont work there) or if u get the proper equipment get a gba/gbc emulator( i dunno whther or not u need this due to the gba slot). the point of the emulator is so that u can put ur own games on with out putting a cart in. since the ds and dsl both have gba slots u may just be able to put the games that u want on. but as for making backups i cannot help u.

as for the proper equipment, u made a good choice on supercard. they are the best value in my opinion.
what u'll need is

a passme device

a flashcart

a memorycard that is compatible with the flash cart

and a card reader(unless one is built in to ur pc)

it all depends on your budget,

supercard lite and a superkey, ds 1, or passme 3(they all perform the same function) but i would stay in the supercard area and get a ds one or superkey.

if ur on a budget, stick with supercard sd or supercard cf and one of the abve listed passmes

this is such a broad topic that it took me quite a bit of research to fully understand whats going on

im sure that some people will disagree and say m3 or g6 is the way to go. but as it stands they all pretty much perform the same function. sure some are better than others, but not enought to be a deciding factor. as for me i have a supercard lite and superkey and i would suggest the same.

sorry this is so long i kinda got off track a bit.
i hope i was able to help

January 5th, 2007, 22:34
If you want to play your GBC games, the best way would be to use the Goomba Color emulator for the GBA. This means that the device you choose must be capable of playing GBA homebrew. The main choices in this category then are the Supercard, M3, and G6. If you go with Supercard, do NOT get the Rumble series, and if you go with the M3, do NOT get the Pro series. These are cheaper versions, but GBA support is removed. I don't know anything about the G6 unfortunately.

You will not be able to backup your own GB/GBC/GBA games with just DS homebrew equipment, sorry.