View Full Version : [PS3] Zadow28 decrypts the Cobra Dongle?

June 18th, 2012, 12:01
Update: there are ongoing doubts from scene veteran Kakaroto about the actual skills of Zadow28 to release something like this (in less politically-correct words: Kakaroto called Zadow28 a fake (https://twitter.com/KaKaRoToKS/status/213674872260411392)). As I myself do not have the tools or knowledge to investigate PS3 files, I cannot guarantee this is reliable information at the moment, and will update as soon as I have more info.
A few days after oct0xor decrypted the PS3UserCheat dongle (http://wololo.net/2012/06/13/ps3-release-ps3usercheat-dongle-reverse-engineered-by-oct0xor-and-why-it-matters/), it’s time for the Cobra Dongle to reveal its secrets under the expert hands of developer Zadow.
Zadow had been investigating those dongles actively for a few months now, regularly posting bits of information on selected forums.
Today he releases most of the content of the Cobra dongle in a decrypted form (packages, elf files…), as well as debug information for those of us who are into IDA pro, and the files for the multiman file manager.
What this means to the end user is potentially a way to create your own dongle for “free” using a programmable board such as the teensy, although Zadow mentions that a bit of work is still needed for that, even though he’s done most of the heavy lifting.
Long term, potentially more information on how these dongles operate could be obtained, but I’m not sure anyone cares about that, since these dongles are, in essence, just here to obfuscate access to the code they are running (which would run perfectly fine on a 3.55 CFW).
This hopefully opens the PS3 scene (if you’re on 3.55, at least…) to a few cool pieces of news in the days to come, as devs get their hands on this. This also leaves only the True Blue dongle as the last “big” usb dongle in need of some good old reverse engineering.
Please note that I haven’t tested any of these files myself, being basically stuck on 4.10.