View Full Version : Microsoft Surface: A good opportunity for business?

June 19th, 2012, 22:28
With Microsoft having a 94 per cent market share in business software, how will the sector embrace its hardware?
Last night Microsoft announced its first ever branded tablet aimed at pretty much everyone from the average gaming fan to IT professionals. But the buzz on the web is that the Surface Tablet could be an ideal solution for businesses already relying on Microsoft software.
Jon Milward, director of Managed and Support Services at IT consultancy Northdoor believes that Surface will be a convenient device for businesses.
“Microsoft has developed Windows 8 (the new PC operating system) to give the same user interaction whether it’s used on a PC, laptop, phone or tablet. Therefore, the new Microsoft Surface tablet equipped with Windows 8 will give business users all the convenience of a tablet and the same level of integration with their business systems as a PC.”