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December 25th, 2006, 16:16
This has been raised a few times in the past, but I wanted to make mention of it again here...

The PSP is SCREAMING out for a quality, high compatibility and high speed MAME emulator similar to the quality of NJ's work.

I know we have the CPS1 and 2 EMUs which show just how damn well even modern arcade classics can run, but why can't we see a MAME emu with high end compatibility and SPEED for the older stuff?

The MAME EMUs to date have been slow with poor compatibility and unfriendly user interfaces and lacking in features when many of those old roms required hardly any processing power at all in comparison to much of the full screen, 100% speed emulations we already have for the PSP!!!

Whilst it might be unfair to compare much of the MAME offerings to date with Nj's solid efforts, it must be said that many developers out there have approached the MAME emulator option in the past for the PSP and either botched it or half finished it with a poor version of what could be a top of the line emulator. We haven't seen a MAME attempt since Mame4All and that was how long ago now? Even then, the EMU was far from finished and leaving so many Arcade fans hanging...

We've now most recently seen the PSx EMU hitting the streets on the PSP with basically full speed to go with the outstanding collection of full speed or near full speed EMUs we already have for other systems (SNES, NES, Sega Genesis and NEO CD/MVS) - All of which I must remind you had power to make most of the arcade machines of the 70s and 80s look like little more than calculators on the power front!

So I ask why is it so hard to get a highly compatible, 100% speed emulator to run all of those arcade classics on the PSP? Are none of the truly talented devs out there willing to turn their eye to what must now be the next holy grail on EMU for the PSP?

With the MAME source code out there for plunder, can we see either one Dev (or maybe even a collection of Devs, just like the MAME project!) now turn their eye back to what many people will still consider the ultimate EMU to have on their PSPs and write a MAME EMU to make the others weep? NJ has already made the start with the CPS1&2 - is he willing to take the next step and get the older collection of arcade goodness up to the same level of performance on our loveable handhelds I ask?

1942, Pac Man, Space Invaders, Wonderboy in Monsterland, Double Dragon, Vendetta, Tiger Heli, Kung Fu Master, Gauntlet, Operation Wolf, Track and Field, Mat Mania, Defender, Time Pilot, Arkanoid, City Connection, Gun Smoke, Choplifter & Outrun all at full speed on the PSP?

YES PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

A fully functional MAME Emulator has the capacity to run over 3000 Arcade Games on the PSP.


Just think of THAT sports fans when you tuck into your Cheerios this morning...

:thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

C'mon Devs, you can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D