View Full Version : pspradio wif list scrambled with fw 3.02 se-a

December 25th, 2006, 21:52
yesterday i upgraded from fw 2.71 se-c to 30.2 se-a

on 2.71 se-c , psp radio 38.12 worked perfectly, but now i have upgraded , the configuration screen wifi connection shows as 4 random ascii characters, instead of my 8 letter connection name.

links2 standalone, written by the same people still works fine and lists the connection names correctly.

anyone else have this problem or a workaround?

January 15th, 2007, 14:11
I have a problem, my problem is taht the wifi refuses to start in 2.71 se-a all the way 3.03 oe-b, it worked alright with 1.50 and my 1.00 though.(In pspradio not in the main fw)

January 15th, 2007, 14:56
try restarting ur flash1, restore defaults or return to 1.5 then back to 3.03 oe-b.. it HAS TO SOLVE your problem

January 15th, 2007, 19:01
I am using PSPradio 38.12 without any new problems.
fw v3.03oe-b
So I can confirm that it works on one PSP with similar setup.

January 15th, 2007, 21:00
woohoo it works :D

thanks, i'll remeber that one.