View Full Version : True Blue discontinued, new “solution” in the works?

July 2nd, 2012, 12:48
Hardware mods shopping site lighttake.com announced on their site (screenshot below) that True Blue is not produced anymore, and that the Team behind True Blue will come with a replacement product in July.

True Blue JB2 was stop producing and a newest replace product will be released in July, please pay close attention to TB official site news update in recently days.

(I’ll let you do the translation from engrish).

As I predicted (yeah, I don’t know much about the inners of the PS3, but it seems I still have a good understanding of how piracy works), it is possible the people behind True Blue felt that hackers are “closing in” too fast (or is it the fear of E3′s incoming own dongle?), and will be dodging the bullet by releasing an entirely new product. Yup, by the time hackers break True Blue, the information will might have become completely obsolete.

Of course, if you bought True Blue, there is no doubt that your current dongle will become perfectly useless for your piracy needs, and you will need to buy whatever new scam the True Blue team comes up with in July. But hey, you already bought the first one, so you’ll happily do it again. That kind of thing only hurts the first time

No information on the subject is available on True Blue’s website yet