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March 30th, 2005, 22:27
Let's get one thing clear - you won't get a PSP for nothing.

Complete rubbish.

One great big con.

It's called pyramid or matrix selling and it just doesn't work.

Check ebay for adverts on how to get plasmas / ipod's / PSP's etc for free - yeah, if it were true no-one would ever spend any money.

So, when someone comes on here with a link on how to get one for nothing either ignore it or ask them to get half a dozen for you and offer to pay them £50; easy money for them, how can they refuse?? :D

March 31st, 2005, 01:08
yea man totally agree, any1 with half a brain would c the maths for these pyramid schemes or wotever they are just dont work. At the end of the day you get wot u pay for in the world, n we should all know u dnt get nothing 4 free!

March 31st, 2005, 06:09
There are actually offers that involve getting a financially free PSP where I've heard they actually follow through, though it involves signing yourself up for a lifetime of marketing offers and getting a number of your friends to do the same. To me, that's just not worth it. Just be patient and wait for the price to drop.

March 31st, 2005, 07:40
the price will come down eventually

we are coming down hard on those who post such schemes, hell if they worked i want a ruddy free PSP :P

March 31st, 2005, 07:52
as has been pointed out, if they worked why dont they play the system and sell them on for a huge profit. I ain't looked into it but i would guess that it requires 5 friends to enlist 5 freinds who then enlist 5 freinds who also enlist 5 freinds so as to get enough credits to thier name (a pyramid sceme as suggested) hence why they keep getting posted on forums to try and get loads of people to join in getting THEM a PSP but not YOU. you would have to do something similar (post on a forum or try to get freinds to start a pyramid for you. it's worse than Fookin spam.

March 31st, 2005, 11:29
Vimes - chill - yours will be here soon :D

April 1st, 2005, 00:11
actually 16 friends for a psp...
i know cause i was trying to get one off this site, supposedly its legit.
dont flame me since i post this link i just wanted to show u the site.


April 1st, 2005, 00:13
criptix - let me know if you get one.

April 2nd, 2005, 08:24
None Of These Sites Work!!!!

April 2nd, 2005, 14:53
leggys getting stressed out (lol) ... and i dont blame him.

cannot believe some people would be so gullable (and dumb) to actually think these kinda things are legit...what gets to me mostly are when new threads are made that say this, then when u look at the person who posted it you see they only have 1 post (that one) and that they got onto the site and made an account just to try to blag people into using these 'pyramid' schemes.

cmon people, dont be so dumb !

April 2nd, 2005, 15:47
aseddon - it just annoys me that these idiots actually think that people will believe them.

April 2nd, 2005, 17:35
lol true

April 3rd, 2005, 04:58

April 3rd, 2005, 07:37
Hey some people will belive anything

Elvis Lives, he's flipping burgers in McDonalds!!!!:D

April 3rd, 2005, 11:21
Hey some people will belive anything

Elvis Lives, he's flipping burgers in McDonalds!!!!:D

Is he any good at it??? :p

April 5th, 2005, 10:22
Just to remind people not to fall for scam merchants that come on here saying how you can get a free PSP.

If they are so confident, ask them to get one for you, but don't hold your breath.

April 5th, 2005, 19:51
Is he any good at it??? :p

well they taste ok too me :D

April 6th, 2005, 12:23
Oh I soooo believe in the Free PSP Scam :p .
I also believe in Santa, the Tooth Fairy, Wacko Jacko is human and that Jesus is alive and kicking and signing copies of the Bible at the Parish Church in Swansea :eek: !

April 6th, 2005, 14:45
Regarding the free PSP boll%*§#:

This site is the only one for the UK so far. the others won't ship to the UK.
http://www.gameconsolegiveaway.co.uk (http://www.gameconsolegiveaway.co.uk/?r=11380)

They don't give it to you for nothing - it's paid for by advertising, that's the whole point of it! You sign up for an offer from one of their "sponsors". Then you refer some of your friends. If they sign up as well THEN you get the PSP. By which time, you'll have jumped through a fair few hoops and generated a lot of advertising revenue for the promoting site. So it might be free in terms of money but not in terms of your time.

Another point to remember is that, as you'll see on the website, their office is in Oxford Street, London (rather than the US as you may expect). So if after fulfilling our end of the deal to get this "free" PSP; they don't pay up; we can always pop into their office to kick some butt!


April 6th, 2005, 15:51
OK some of you are completely retarded. you cannot say something is a scam unless you have found out first hand. the people who probably did tell you it was a scam were the ones that tried to cheat the system. Gratis and OfferCentric are legit and highly respectable. Both take extreme measures to assure validity so they aren't getting ripped off. I got a free ipod shuffle from Gratis and $275 from OfferCentric. Sure it takes around a month for processing to actually get the ipod shuffle but i did get it and all the people who i referred actually got theirs too (the ones who didn't try to cheat the system). I am currently working on the psp from offercentric because the processing time i got for the $275 wasn't very long (1-2 weeks). If any of you do want to try it out you can join from a list of congas. I am on one and i will put you down as a referral if you sign up under me. I am currently near the bottom but the conga moves quite fast. (launch.net has an average of 300+ referrals a week). so sign up under me and when i get put to the #1 spot on the list i will send your ref link to the admin who updates the congas and you will be added. Please don't say i am full of shit because you dont know shit about shit if you haven't tried shit.
here is my link:
http://www.psps4free.com/default.aspx?r=329764 (www.I_Link_To_Scams.com)
thank you and if you need to contact me my aim sn is tracemhunter or you can find me on irc on irc.rizon.net in #hiphop`hangout or #flatbelly. my nick is trace.If you want to try to defend pyramid schemes thats your choice but dont try refferal links please

April 6th, 2005, 17:28
well how come this site isn't full of people WITH FREE PSP's. Coz nothing is that simple. but hey if it's true and it works there will be hundreds (quote 300+ referals) of people telling me wrong.

I await the barage:rolleyes:

April 6th, 2005, 17:39
Vimes - if any of the systems resulted in free PSP's then I would start a business selling them.

It's all absolute rubbish!

April 6th, 2005, 19:33
OK some of you are completely retarded. you cannot say something is a scam unless you have found out first hand. the people who probably did tell you it was a scam were the ones that tried to cheat the system.

Don't be daft, I looked at the site and it's a pyramid scheme, not only are pyramid schemes illegal, they don't work!!! Therefore, a scam!!!!

April 7th, 2005, 03:37
yall are completely stupid. why dont u look at proof sites for offercentric and gratis.

April 7th, 2005, 07:14
yall are completely stupid. why dont u look at proof sites for offercentric and gratis.

Then why don't you get a few PSP's and sell one to me at £25. I will be happy to believe you then :D

April 7th, 2005, 07:25
yall are completely stupid. why dont u look at proof sites for offercentric and gratis.

If it works would you plese get as many as you can and I will pay you £100 each - surely an east proffit for you!

April 7th, 2005, 07:55
and i still haven't been bombarded with messages from people who have free PSP's

April 7th, 2005, 17:26
my bro was telling me that he was offered one of these 'congas'/'pyramids' not even he was stupid enough to take it, and thats saying something.

April 10th, 2005, 10:12
Just a reminder for the idiots that keep posting the pyramid schemes - no one falls for it!!

April 10th, 2005, 20:34
Someone did as there is another thread for it. Its pretty sad..

April 10th, 2005, 22:02
and they will keep posting. it's great fun insulting them when they do.
Gives me and leggy something to do to pass the time.:D

April 10th, 2005, 22:41
less than 12 hours now Vimes :D ... well, you hope so :D

April 11th, 2005, 01:54
scmuck is talking about me. tho i did sign up i didnt complete the offer and im getting emails from this guy saying if i dont complete an offer within 48 hrs im getting bumped down lol. lets see

April 11th, 2005, 03:51
Vimes - it's now Monday - will today be the day??

April 11th, 2005, 07:25
won't know till i get back from work.

April 22nd, 2005, 22:29
Don't forget, you will not get a free PSP!!!

April 24th, 2005, 07:18
Go away you silly little man, we are not all gullible idiots around here. We know how the pyramid system works and in the UK we have seen all the TV programs where people have been conned.

This is a forum to discuss PSPís and is not a stoooopid persons sales board. Please donít insult our intelligence. :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

April 24th, 2005, 10:05

April 24th, 2005, 10:56
Hi to Martin.

Were you happy with your test? :D

June 18th, 2005, 19:25
ok. yall are sayin this shit is fake blah blah blah. well i posted that i was trying to get the free psp and i did. if you dont ****ing believe me then ill take a screen shot of the $250 in my paypal activity from offercentric, the company that gives the shit away. it pisses me off that yall dont look into things before you start hating on shit. some of you probably didnt sign up under a legit company and got scammed. your fault.

oh, and thanks to you 2 people that signed up and didnt cheat. **** you to the person who signed up and when i went into approval got caught with multiple email accounts.

June 18th, 2005, 19:37
This sites are not a scam. They are 100% Legit.

I have proof of this.

This sites are from a company called Gratis Network )ofcourse there are some scams sites that copy everything BUT theya re a scam (like thos pop upds on websites, theya re scams).

1st - Click on this LINK to watch a video clip from NBC News on TV about This Company http://homepage.mac.com/davidemm/freeipodsvideos/nbc.wmv

2nd- Visit this LINK (my site) for more proof, like more viode clps form TV, NewsPaper articles, and more

Gratis Network generates commission based profits from participating companies, thus through this commission earned, they are capable of purchasing iPods or any other item for those members who have completed all the requirements.

They get money from companies like Blockbuster or the USPS (United States Postage Service - do you think that they are a scam, is the USA postage service)

There is many different sites about the frees tuff. BUT not all of the are good. Gratis netowrk is 100% Legit.

They just launched a new site called free360xbox.com. Here is a LINK to it.

You sign up, complete an offer like BLOCBBUSTER or USPS (both of them are free) and you refer 8 unique users to sign up and complete an offer just like you. Since Xbox 360 is not out yet, they pre order the system and you get it when it comes out (Holiday 2005)

Same thing was with the PSP< I finished the site and I got the PSP when it came out. I can take pictures of it, this sites are Legit.

The POP-UPS on the websites are scams, they are, BUT not Gratis Network

The following picture is from a Paypal payment I received for completing a site called phreepsps.com. You can choose between a PSP Bundle or PAYPAL.
I choosed Paypal, and I got the money, here is the proof.

<a href="http://www.imageloads.com/view.php?file=fe4c4c38a5.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.imageloads.com/thumbs/fe4c4c38a5.jpg"></a>

Here is a Difference between a SCAM site and the good site (and LEGIT) like Gratis Network, Cool4Free, 4NoCASH.

Check this SCAM: http://freeipod.shopherefree.net/?partner=g_fipod_20050430

Now check this one: http://phreeipods.com/index.php?referral=2946 (Cool4Free - this is just like Gratis netowrk, they are LEGIT, you can check the picture above, I got money from one of their other sites)

June 18th, 2005, 20:07
Yes, i was just about to prove this but this guy has done it. If you read the terms and conditions. I know people who have got free psps this way. Basically the site giving them away is a huge advertising board. Lots of comapanies pay money to advertise on them which covers a lot of costs becuase they get so much traffic. Then what happens is you have to sign up for an offer on a web site and pay say $10 for something there ( most people just close the account after it gets verified and before they get charged) Then your friends create accounts ( whether they sign up for the offer is up to them) this covers the cost of everything whilst still making the site get more money than it lays out.

If you were smart you could start A thread here( i dont think wragster likes it, so only with permission) and you could all be each others contacts. Im on the uk so i cant do it, but then i have a 1.0 w00t