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December 29th, 2006, 06:06
Ok, I know this already has its own topic, but I figured I'd give it a little more info, and hopefully a little more exposure as well. You can get it at the following link (And yes, you will have to register)


Is where you can find it (And it's now called PSX2PSP...not to be confused with the illegal hack program running around out there with the Hot Shots 2 info embedded within it)

Taken from the post:

A little GUI for popstation that lets you change images, save id and title.

Place all the normal popstation files (BASE.PBP, KEYS.BIN and popstation.exe) in the "files" folder before use.

cygwin1.dll have to be in either c:\windows\system32 or in the "files" foler.

Don't have any other files than cygwin1.dll, BASE.PBP, KEYS.BIN and popstation.exe in the "files" folder.

v.0.2 info:
* Fixed some bugs and added error reporting.
* Possible to also add ICON1.PMF and SND0.AT3 files.
* Modify PBP files that have already been converted by popstation.

It is only possible to modify PBP files from popstation that have not been changed by any other program. If the file have been changed, images will look ok but save info will be wrong.

v.0.3 info:
* Changed the way the program changes title and save ID. Hopefully it fixes the problems some people are having.
* Added some more tags to saveID.

v.0.4 info:
* Added option to extract ISO file from already converted PBP files.
* Fixed some bugs.

v.0.5 info:
* New name.
* Handles already converted PBP files better. It is now possible to change title, game id and all other info in allready converted PBP files.
* Preview option.
* Extracts save ID from ISO file.
* Gets game title from DB.
* Separate game title and save title. Multidisk games can have different game titles but with one save title.
* Shows what region the game is from.

When changing stuff in a already converted PBP file all images have to be added again.

* All save ID's should now be detected.

It is a -GODSEND- Not only does it -automatically- select the GAMEID # when you select a good dump of a game, but you can change it however you wish as well. Not only that (but my favorite feature)...


Yes. It's that cool it gets bigger font XD

This thing is awesome on so many levels. Get it, and love it like I am.

Ok, there has been a lot of talk about Multi-Disc games, and this is the OFFICIAL (As far as my research has gone) word on it...they MUST have the same GAMEID. No exceptions. If you want to continue, they have to have the same GAMEID -before- you make a single save. Now, with this program, it will automatically enter the Sony GAMEID from the list. IGNORE THAT AND WRITE IN THE FIRST DISC'S!! That's the easiest way I've done it, and it works rather well. Again: THIS PROGRAM WILL NOT ASSOCIATE GAMEID'S WITH ONE ANOTHER FOR MULTIDISC GAMES! YOU MUST MANUALLY ADJUST IT!

At least for now ;)

December 29th, 2006, 08:02
Should also be mentioned that the name of the game needs to be the same for saves also as the save is associated with both game name and gameid.

December 29th, 2006, 08:30
Should also be mentioned that the name of the game needs to be the same for saves also as the save is associated with both game name and gameid.

Ahh, forgot to mention that, thanks.

Yes, you can list the Game Title as 'FINAL FANTASY VII - DISC 1' if you want, but for all the discs in the series, it's best to list the Save Title as 'FINAL FANTASY VII' and keep it the same.

And I've extensively tested this...Length (Up to a common sense point :P) doesn't seem to matter for the Save Title

December 29th, 2006, 09:05
Ive been using this since 0.2 and can agree that this does EVERYTHING you need and quickly

coupled with this pal2ntsc converter theyre all ive had to use with ease and quickness :D

December 29th, 2006, 09:17
That converter is a life saver as well...Lord knows I've got a few PAL games and the fact it can help fix the graphical glitches as well as how it sits on the PSP screen is amazing.