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December 29th, 2006, 06:11
Ok, well I seem to be royally screwed here, as well as many of you also may be.

I got a UP chip. which kicks ass. however I found an issue. and to me it is a HUGE issue.

if you have 3.02 OE (A or B) installed on the UP flash, it CAN NOT load PS1 games. this was noted in DAX's readme for 3.02 OE, but many people and myself seem to not have read that at first. Anyways, it is apparently due to some sort of power issue in the UP chip, and it seems that no one who has 3.02 installed on the UP chip will be able to load ps1 games throught that side.

I read that if you have 3.02 OE on your PSP's NAND, then you are fine though.

Of course I have 3.02 (REAL SONY ONE) on the PSP's NAND, and 3.02 OEB on the UP's chip. so it boots right into OEB. now, I could use the recovery menu to downgrade the UP from 3.02SEB to 1.5, and then via the tiny piece of crap USB cable that is on the UP, flash the epsilon bios to the UP... through that flash the psp's onboard with 1.5, then update the psp's onboard to 3.02OE... then ...put something else on the UP...

heres my problem though (as if the whole thing wont be hard enough) Either my wire to the UP is broke, or that little chip that goes on the end of it is. because I cannot ever get the flasher to connect for more than a second (managed to get it to work only once, which is what led me to where I am now)

so... any way through 3.02OEB on my UP chip to reflash the onboard NAND to 1.5?

or get the UP to 1.5 without the cord?

Sorry for the confusing post, but I also felt it necissary to point this error out to the UP users who have had this problem.

December 29th, 2006, 12:23
Always read the readme first.

You will need to find someone on here with a UP installed on there PSP

They should know

December 30th, 2006, 09:19
It will probably be hard to find someone who has a Up on there system, and who has found a way to reflash he onboard flash from the UP without using the EPSILON BIOS

would it be possible? As far as I can see, yes.

the UP flat out has the ability to write to the PSP's NAND flash. However, the only firmware to actually DO such a thing was the Epsilon Bios.

it seems to me a plugin could be made which would have the same abilities, but as far as have been able to find, no such thing yet has been made. OR perhaps a modification to the supplied 3.02OEB recovery programs so that instead of flashingto the current Chips, it can be pointed elsewhere.

Oh how I wish my UP cord wasn't crap....
thank you modchipstore.com for that one.

For anyone who may possibly want to help me out with their coding skills, I think the Epsilon Bios acts as a bootstrap and loads the onboard 2.71 with its modifications, but if there is no 2.71 onboard, then it launches its recovery menu instead. As far as a I know, the 3.02OE recovery menu is a type of bootstrap as well, so as long as it is launched the same way, it should have the same access as the EPSILON recovery menu. therefore making a modified 3.02OE recovery eboot (GAME/RECOVERY) could make the flasher point to the onboard rather than only the current running UP-NAND

I tried contacting Dark-Alex on whether or not he thinks anything can be done, and maybe if he can help out, but I dont know if I can reach him... if anyone knows howto get ahold of him, could you tell me? (preferrably through a PM so no morons would take the info and spam him)

any insight is helpful.

January 2nd, 2007, 05:14
well, I am sorry for this bump, but now I ask if anyone knows how to write plugins for 3.02OE, or if anyone knows if there is source code available for anything that flashes to the NAND that I could edit to point to a specific chipset.

I have a limited knowledge of C/C++ coding for the PSP, and have only written a few programs, so I will need help to not brick my PSP.

January 6th, 2007, 01:50
another bump... I just need a way to contact Dark_Alex. I know that probably wont be easy what with trouble in the past of his info gettin gleaked and all that horrible stuff...

if anyone could PM me if they know any way to contact him... I know this plugin would work, just a matter of making it...

and without it, I willneverbe ableto play PSX games on my PSP.

January 6th, 2007, 03:11
Try PMing him on MaxConsole...