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March 31st, 2005, 00:51
Well I wanted to start my own review site but I haven't gotten around to it yet so I thought i'd go ahead and post my first review here.

Ridge Racer/s PSP

Like all Ridge Racer games, I knew one was coming at the launch of a
Sony system, and was excited to get my hands on the latest installment
of the series. After being let down by Racing Evolution and it's attempt to be more similar to a GT game instead of a arcade racer, I was hoping RRPSP would go back to a more classic arcade appeal. First thing I noticed when I popped this into the PSP was the so-called "bad load times". Now if you're used to a PS2 this shouldn't phase you at all. They seem almost timeless when compared to RRV. The menus are a sharp white style, as always. There's only really two modes in this game. You have your "World Tour" mode and your "Single Race". Not much depth to single race at all. Pick a car, race, and tada its over as quick as it started. World tour is pretty much your unlock mode, where you race in events. All this should seem familar to RR fans. What makes this game stand out? Lets break it down and see.

While the graphic are extremly good it is still a launch game and therefore features some edgy, poor, anti-alased polygons. However, you can't help but notice the extremely high quality background environments. The cars look a little overdone in the lighting and shining. It most resembles Tokyo Extreme Racer 1 for DC in graphical quality.

It's simply just great techno, and if you like techno, then you should be able to enjoy all the track easly. However, I know that saying if you like one type of techno, then you like them all, isn't a true statement at all. The music simply fits and is great for racing.

Thank God the RR series went back to an arcade style. Outrageous drifting and very fast friendly play makes this an obvious choice for one of the best racers I've played since RRV. It works off a 3 -gauge nitro system. You can either save up and use multiple nitros at a time or use them right when you get them. You have to use a full burst and can't use pratical tanks. It's extremly easy to fill your tanks up in this game too. All you have to do it drift. The more you drift the quicker those gauge's go up. The new nitro feature adds the little needed extra that RR games have been missing. I've never experienced a racer that I've like better than this.

The boxing and menuing of it all was very well put together. It doesn't feel rushed at all and looks as sleek as ever.

Replay Value:
This game may start to get to you with lack of different tracks to choose from but, other than this, it should always provide a good, fun, and quick race or two from time to time. Just don't expect yourself to be playing it hours at a time, like when you first buy it.

This is pretty much the best title at launch for me. However, you might want to check out lumines or DarkStalkers too. This was definitely the must-buy of all launch titles.

March 31st, 2005, 07:47
nice review, keep them comming

March 31st, 2005, 11:30
Great game!!

Great review!!