View Full Version : weird popstation slowdown problems

December 30th, 2006, 05:10
so far i have searched the net and found quite a large number of people that also experiance Final fantasy VII slowdowns in battle while others dont.
i have also noticed that popstation has somekind of frameskipping mode if all gets to much for the PSP.
furthermore i started to notice that all games have a strange strong trail of animation (not the standard for psp games but stronger)(you know trails like the gta ones)

so i have concluded that some of us must be using popstation wrong or it might be due to the way we use our memory sticks with our PC's.

So if anyone can point how to fix problems such as this specifically the final fantasy 7 problem it would really cure my curiousity.

BTW when formatting a PSP emorystick what cluster size and what mode shoul it be formatted in? assuming this has effect on performance.


January 1st, 2007, 21:58
ok i tried running FF9 on my psp and it had slowdowns when things got to much. ive tried 3 diffrent psp's and 3 diffrent memcards still same problem maybe its my pc. it wasnt a problem with normal games because i can always overclock but i cant with popstation so someone please help