View Full Version : 3.02 OE recovery mode options

January 2nd, 2007, 16:29
There are a few options in recovery mode that have got me curious.

-Fake region
-Free umd region

-advanced configuration
-Plain modules in UMD/ISO
-Execute Boot.Bin in UMD/ISO
-Use isofs driver also in umd-inserted mode

Can anyone thoroughly explain these options and what they do. i know what fake region and free umd region do but i cant see wy its there. maybe umd movies.

but its the last 3 that i really questioned

January 3rd, 2007, 14:19
The fake region is if you own a JAP PSP, and you have USA UMDs, you can select this to trick your PSP intothinking it is a USA PSP.

The free umd region is used if you have UMDs with different regions. Enable this and you can use all regions.

Plain Modules in UMD/ISO, Enable it to use your Plug-Ins in UMDs and ISOs, so you can use, for example, capture.prx, during playing a UMD

I don't know about the last 2