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Mr. Shizzy
January 3rd, 2007, 09:07
When I go to set up remote play on my PS3, it first asks for my SSID, which I type in. But then it asks (and won't let you continue untill) for a WPA password. I don't have WPA (or even WEP) set up on my wireless router.
How do I set this up? If looked in my PC in Network settings ect... with no luck. Also, what can you actually do with network play? Can I play my PSP emu's on my TV through the PS3?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can shed any light on this subject. :)

January 3rd, 2007, 11:12
You're supposed to create a WPA password then use it when you edit the Network Settings on your PSP for remote play. So far from what I can tell Remote PLay just lets you stream Photos, Music, and Video to your PSP and possibly the Internet Browser

Mr. Shizzy
January 3rd, 2007, 16:01
Cool. But how the heck do you set up a WPA password?

January 4th, 2007, 04:58
You need a router with WPA security to get this working. Sucks I know, how many of us have that? (I don't at least).

While I hope Sony will rectify this with an update, I can't imagine any update to the PSP as a good thing. Not to mention, what will need to be left out for ---- OE-C? or whatever the next custom firmware will be to make use of additions Sony makes to correct this inconvience (if they do anything about it)?

January 4th, 2007, 18:45
OK, so I was looking around online. A Linksys wireless router capable of WPA encryption is only 50 USD from Buy.com.

However this got me thinking. Windows can be made to create a wireless access point on a network that 'acts' as a router for other wireless devices. So here's run down (I haven't tested, but I bet it will work; if it doesn't don't blame me :P):

Items needed:

1)USB Wireless AP, capable of WPA encryption
2)Windows PC, with Service Pack 2

What to do:

1)Setup the USB Wireless Access Point on your Window's PC and install all drivers.

2)Right click on My Network Places and select Properties.

3)You should see your new Wireless AP under LAN or High Speed Internet, right click on it and select View Available Wireless Networks.

4)This should open a window of all the Wireless networks in range, if there are any. However, what we want is on the left side of the window and that is "Setup a Wireless Network". Click that.

5)A wizard should pop up explaining what the wizard is for, yadda yadda, click Next.

6)This page has the information that you will set to establish your Wireless network. Fill in the SSID and select Manual Set the Encryption Key (I forgot the exact wording). At the bottom there will be a check box saying "Use WPA instead of WEP" (or something like that). Click that. Click Next.

7)This next page is where you type in the WPA password. Make it something easy that you will remember and can type on the PSP and PS3. Click Next.

8)If all went well, you should have a network setup that has WPA encryption.

9)Using your PSP, fill in the various imformation you used while setting up the network on the Windows PC. Do the same for the PS3.

10)Now use Remote play.

Now this should work, I see no reason for it not to. If it doesn't I am sorry, but at least it was worth the shot. Anyone who has a WPA capable wireless access point willing to try this? All my wireless equipment are WEP capable only.

Mr. Shizzy
January 4th, 2007, 18:59
Ok. I had called my ISP before reading your post F9zDark. So they got me all set up. I must say I'm a little dissappointed here. All I can stream is photo, movies and pics? What happened to all this talk from $ONY about playing my games wirlessly from my PS3 to my PSP?
Let me guess, If I update my PS3 from 1.10 then I can buy PS1 games and then play them wirlessly? Screw that.

I'm totally pist right now that SONY is even talking about releasing an improved PS3, after I just shelled out $840 USD ?!? (that's including accesorys ect...)

$ony, you can kiss my a$$. I'll just hold on to this 1.10, wait for it to be exploited, and stick it in your face !!!

January 6th, 2007, 06:39
I can't get it to work. I have everything set up and my psp keeps saying ps3 connection timed out, any helP? I am positive i have everything set up right. I have 3.03 oe-a if that affects anything.

January 10th, 2007, 04:01
OK I figured out what to do (Sterist pointed me in the right direction).

On the PS3: Settings>Network Settings>Remote Play:

-Designate an SSID
-Type in a WPA password
-Save settings

Then activate Remote Play on the PS3 FIRST.

Now on the PSP:

-Create a new Network Connection: do Scan
-When it locates the new SSID you formed, with WPA encryption, click on that.
-Type in the WPA password you set
-Select Easy, then save settings.

Goto remote play, select your new Network setting and bam you're good to go.

I really hope they improve on this feature though. The screen also needs to be resized to actually make it legible...