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January 3rd, 2007, 16:44
This will be my FAQ thread for
The PSX Emulator in firmware 3.0x OE-X
The password for downloads is ct_bolt
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* PSX CD to PSX Image Converters *
Download ISO Buster v1.5 (http://mihd.net/9hpcki)(English Only): Click Here (http://mihd.net/9hpcki)

* PSX to PSP Game Converters *
Download Popstation GUI v1.23 by ZiNgA buRgA: Click Here (http://mihd.net/upy0kd)
Download PSX2PSP v0.7 GUI by KingSquitter: Click Here (http://mihd.net/tkcfzg)

Questions about...

Q: How to backup(convert,burn,rip,...) a psx game disc into a game image(iso, bin, img)?
A: Download a PSX CD to PSX image converter above.
.. More on this later.

Q: How to convert psx game images(iso, bin, img) into an psx eboot for PSP?
A: Download a PSX to PSP game converter above.

Q: How to change the following attributes of the psx game (ISO/PBP):

Information Picture
Music when game is highlightedA: Download a PSX to PSP Game converter above.

Q: How to change psx game's software manual pictures.
A: ??? (Please answer this question)

Q: Create an animated icon (PMF format) for psx games.
A: ??? (Please answer this question)

Q: Where do I put the psx eboots on my memory stick?
A: ms0:/psp/game/<game title>/eboot.pbp

Q: How to play multi-player?
A: It has not been done yet. (Please answer this question)

Q: How to create a new monster from disc stone monster rancher 2?
A: The only monster you can create as of now(01/2/07) is Mocchi. This is because the only game that is (virtually) inserted is the monster rancher 2 game. If anyone knows a good way around this please let me know.

If you can answer any of the unanswered questions please feel free to do so. http://forums.pspcrazy.com/forums/images/smilies/wave.gif