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January 3rd, 2007, 21:23

I've been running 1.5 firmware on my PSP since I've gotten it when it first came out. Mostly I've been using devhook to play ISOS on my PSP. Now before you say anything, I own every game that I have ISOs of and ripped them to the PC myself. However, running them from the memory stick dramatically improves loading times, and also gives me the ability to have several games on the go without the clutter of having to carry around 6-7 UMDs.

Now with the new PSX emulation with the new custom firmware. I am really encouraged to upgrade my PSP but have a few problems.

1. How will I be able to play my ISOs? I know that using devhook will be useless since the custom firmware will run anything. However how do I play the ISO instead of UMDs.

2. I am mostly interested in the PSX emulator but it says that I need to buy hot shots 2 from the ps3store. Well I don't have a PS3, so what can I do?

3. Is the custom firmware compatible with all the homebrew and emulation on my 1.5? or am I going to lose some compatibility?

Thanks in advance

January 3rd, 2007, 21:26
1.ISO talk is not allowed on the forum
2.You need to get Hot shots golf from somewere i cant post links but google will help you.
3.You still have homebrew compatibility on OE B

January 3rd, 2007, 21:35
1) Splodger is right, no iso talk (if you do upgrade, just search your memory stick under game, where all you homebrews appear)
2) Search around, thats how many people got it (torrents mean anythin 2 u?)
3) Its mainly flash mod (i.e. themepsp) and iso loaders (i.e Fastloader) that dont work

January 3rd, 2007, 21:37
oh sorry about that I didn't know. Thank you for helping me

January 3rd, 2007, 22:30
um, since when do we need hotshots 2 to play psx games?

January 4th, 2007, 16:06
Eversince OE was released