View Full Version : Trouble making images, Jet Grind, PSO

January 4th, 2007, 15:10
Hi guys, been having trouble doing this, could use some help. Have my own dreamcast and serial connector, been backing up my own copies of games in my collection to run via chankast (looking forward to NullDC). Any way, after extracting the .iso I've been able to create a bootable .CDI image using a tool called exoboot for 2 of my games: Sonic Adventure and Soul Calibur.

Two other games I've been stuck on for the last 2 days: PSO and Jet Grind Radio. I can't seem to convert these into playable images. I've tried using fastboot and exoboot, also tried bootdreams, to no avail. I think part of the problem may be the 1st_read.bin? On both games, it shows up in Windows explorer as "0 bytes" in size? When these various apps are patching the ip.bin and 1st_read.bin, is this the problem? Is the 1st_read.bin irrelevant in these 2 games? Should they be patching a different .bin file?

I may be way off, but I appreciate any help on this. I could download the images i guess (though I'm on dial-up), but I would really like to do this myself.


January 4th, 2007, 20:07
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