View Full Version : PS3: 3.60 keys released

August 7th, 2012, 00:23
I would generally flag this as a rumor, but this has been implicitly confirmed by eussNL: 3.60 keys for the PS3 have been released.

I am not 100% clear about the source, but it seems to have originated from a post on famous site Elotrolado, from an unknown user (new account) about 4 hours ago. (source link below)

Don’t quote me on this, but these keys are, if my understanding is correct, used to decrypt, among other things, PS3 official eboots (games). It is also possible that 3.60 keys are used on many games, even potentially on games that require a higher firmware, since the firmware requirement is a flag that is not directly related to the encryption. This is a wild guess and I am not sure of that, but if this is anything like the PSP, the firmware requirement is really just a flag, and not even directly related to what APIs are actually needed.

The result of that is that many games requiring 3.60 or more, can actually run on a 3.55 CFW. This is how teams like True blue were able to get new games to run on their dongle. With the keys out, people should now be able to rip their own blu rays, decrypt the games, and run them directly from their hard drive. Lists of games that can be decrypted/run using these keys are already being created on many sites, and no doubt that pirated copies will appear on p2p sites very very soon.

This piece of news comes just a few hours after the E3 team announced they would be releasing the keys within a few months, which probably disturbs some of their plans.

eussNL “cleaned up” the keys file in order to make them usable directly in naehrwert’s sceTool

Update: eussNL confirmed my understanding is correct