View Full Version : LOVE IT !!! Have you gotten it yet & which one?

April 1st, 2005, 23:55
:D :D

Well it came in the mail a few days ago & i have to say. I am so glad i didnt wait any longer. I love it!! 200pds & worth it!!! It pretty solid. Not only that but no Import tax charges, that made my day better!!!

Well if you havent gotten it go get it...I got the imported one from Japan. Paid a sweet deal, as i emailed them to death before i purchased it and they were great. Totally helped me out and they i purchased a games off them..they did have on there site. Totally hooked up.

Well anyway, iam reallly excited and i cannot stop playing it. Thought i would share. LUMINES is addictive!!!

So do you have one? if so what games & which one

oh i think the site i got it from, if you guys are wanting to buy..I HIGHLY reccomend..www.laughingbuddhashop.co.uk

April 2nd, 2005, 08:31
Only got RidgeRacer so far - great!!

April 2nd, 2005, 16:54
got it ... F&*^KIN LOVE IT!!! RIDGE RACER KICKS ASS ..... twisted metal is SOOOOO FUN... multiplayer online too! omg ... sooo f&^^CKIN fun ..... and WIPEOUT PURE ... omg... ive played other games for it but those 3 are the BEST ... they are so good i hate having all 3 cuz i never know which one to play!... lol :) :D :rolleyes:

April 2nd, 2005, 17:15
I can't wait to get a movie to see how good they are.

April 2nd, 2005, 17:29
i got Metal Gear Acid and Ridge Racers, both kick ass and ive played both NFS Underground and Hot Shots Golf, NFS is the best out of all games ive played and Hot Shots Golf isnt too good (too kiddy and simple - im a tiger woods-kinda guy) i really need a job so i can afford the rest of the games i want so im going looking for one on monday :D

anybody know how much a wireless network card is in the UK? im gonna get one soon so i can go online with it but a) dont know exactly what type of card im looking for and b) do not know how much they cost

April 2nd, 2005, 17:49
hmmmm Wipeout the BIGGEST f-zero rip off ever