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August 8th, 2012, 22:19
Hey people how are you doing I happened upon some sega stuff I cant find alot of information and was hoping someone would know about.

this is what is included ( it looks like a Sega programmer owned this before)

1x Saturn cartdev rev b (no power cable) I found info on this.

1x sophia systems sega saturn sound box (not a lot of info)

1x Saturn sound tools binder Contains Saturn scsp users manual stamped Joe Alemani 634

1x Sound development manual 1.1 stamped John Datuin 634

Both marked confidential property of Sega. John Datuin is in what I assume is original binder marked Sega sound tools.


1x Sega devoloper tech support disk march 1995

1x Mirage interactive brochure cd in original pack

1x Brand new Sega Developer tech support marked June 1996

1x developer toolkit sgl toolkit june 1995

1x sega saturn system disk (kdo2)jvc maker id=80a3p-1107

1x cross snasm 2 development binder

1x snasm 2 7 disk set 3.44"

Saturn 5 disk (3.44)

1x Saturn assembler 2.10a (disk 1)

1x Saturn debugger 2.10a (disk 2)

2x Saturn 2.10a (disk 3-4)

1x Acrobat reader 2.0 (disk 5)

1x adaptec ez-scsi v3.01

1x scsi cable

2x other unknown cables

August 9th, 2012, 00:41
Pictures in album sega