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January 6th, 2007, 02:40
I have some new questions, I hope you pros can help me!

1. PSP units without that inscription in the motherboard (non TA-082) that is viewable in the UMD loader, will they brick then downgrading to a normal 1.50?

2. DAX FW 3.03 OE-A supports plugins for POPS, but does it support regular plugins (Plugins = external PRX files)?

3. If the answer of the last question is yes, how?

4. How does the document.dat work? (Pops emu)?

5. I bought wipeout pure, from a friend, and it only supports WEP Wireless encription. but mine has some TKS in the end of the name or something like that, how am I suposed to play online now? (I think it uses 1.50's network stuff)

6. Is it possible to convert RMVB to PSP Compatible MP4 video?

January 6th, 2007, 04:17
1. um.. do you mean a non-ta-082 psp? it will not brick if you use the proper downgrader
2. yes it supports plugins like the vcscheatdevice.prx if you are familliar with vice city stories
3. well, you need to make a folder called seplugins
then put the .prx file in it like this ms0:seplugins/.prx file
then make a text file and type ms0:seplugins/"name of prx file".prx
where i get stuck is, wut to name the text file...
4. the document.dat? when you are in a ps1 game, press home and go to.. i forgot the name of the thing, it is the 3rd one down on the home list, and you should be able to view the document
5. you can still play online, just set up your wireless network and use it in the game, if that is what you needed help with
6. idk, lemme check. i cant.. maybe you can by using a different psp software thing, since i use mac i am limited on what i can use

January 7th, 2007, 01:34
game.txt vsh.txt :P