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January 6th, 2007, 02:58
i have recently obtained dsorganize 2.25 blue version for my supercard lite and have a few issues.

1.)often times the program doesn't remember the text i put in(with calender day planner vcard or scribble pad)
2.)the to do list cause my ds to freeze whenever i click to choose it
3.)therer are 2 icons that are "not implemented" which i can only assume are the voice recorder and sound music player thing

can someone please tell me what im doing (or not doing)that causes these problems, i would appreciate it.

January 9th, 2007, 22:29
There's a new version of DSOrganizer out now. FAT handling has been problematic for this homebrew and the SCLite (even in the newest version).

The 2 "not implemented" icon spaces are for future development.
To do sound recording, create an empty wav file with the file browser, and after highlight in the browser and hit the "Y" button to begin recording.
Playing mp3s, viewing pics, reading text are all done through the file browser.
There are (complicated) ways of getting DSOrganizer to work with the SCLite, but you might do better to wait a while to see if the next round of fixes takes care of the problems.