View Full Version : PSP Pixel Checker

April 2nd, 2005, 14:32
Pixel checker to find those nasty dead pixels that dread so many PSP owners out there. Grab it now and check your screen!
**It is recommended to clean the screen before using**
1. Connect the PSP and select USB mode in Setup.
2. Open the zip file containing the Pixel Checker.
3. Drag MP_ROOT located in the zip file to Your root of your PSP's Drive. DO NOT PUT IN X:/PSP/
4. Select Video in the PSP, then Memory Stick, then select PSPSaves.net Pixel Checker.
5. Watch the video and examine closely as it shifts through the colors.

April 2nd, 2005, 14:41
thanks for the news and download :)

April 2nd, 2005, 15:01
well - ive not got none :D nice one on the video chrislim :D