View Full Version : Dragon Warrior VII Disc Swap?

January 7th, 2007, 07:19

Sorry that I open a new thread just that, but I also searched the net for that and couldn't find the information I need :(

The thing is, I would like to play Dragon Warrior VII again as it is one of my favorite RPGs, just this time on my PSP with PopStation. I already converted the first disc to an EBOOT.PBP and plays fine.

However I have no idea anymore if the game would let you save between the two discs :confused:

I know about the workaround with CWCheat but this is no solution for me as I would like to play the game when I am on a trip starting end of this month.
Skiing during the daytime and playing DW7 in the evening, wouldn't that be the perfect vacations :rolleyes:

So is there someone here who actually knows about the disc swap in Dragon Warrior VII? Does it let you save at this moment or not? Thank you very very much in advance :)