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January 8th, 2007, 22:33
I recently traded some 360 stuff for a used Dreamcast. The DC was in great shape when I got it, looked almost new.

Well, of course, it's apparently a version 2 DC *sniff* because it's Dec 2000 and it also has a 2 right before the NTSC.

Has anyone had any luck getting it to boot a boot disk?

I picked up a Dev Kit about 6 months back or so. It was missing it's shell around the case and what looked like a harddrive (sort of space for one, and one of those type of cables is right there).
Someone finally uploaded the WinCE for Dreamcast & the Dreamcast WinCE SDK. Now I understand how the Dev Kit works, so I should be able to hook that up to a computer and get it running.

I had gotten the dc recently so I could some stuff, but I guess I need to get another one now.
Maybe I can find a DC mod chip for cheap.

I had bought the first dreamcast (like 3 years ago) from Gamestop for $20. They don't sell them anymore, of course. Anyone know of any places that might have used ones, besides ebay? I live in the Seattle area. Is there a good online store that sells used stuff thats reliable? I was happy because I had traded stuff for the dc, since I didn't want to spend the $30 for it (2 controllers, mc, & 5 games, mostly sport games).

A friend keeps telling me to sell the dev kit, but I don't want to. I had originally planned on getting linux to run on it and use it as a cool computer that could boot dc games. Except it can't boot dc games, it seems. Well, it can, after you sent it over from the pc. Which got me thinking that at least, It could play games that are stored on a pc, at worse I guess. The thing also said something about the dev kit not having a harddrive, which doesn't make sense, since they talk about it have a virtual GD-rom image also (guess they could of put a few gigs of memory in it, but then a harddrive would of been way cheaper, were talking like the late 90's here).

I do have an add-in 3d card (this card doesn't have a vga connector on it) that has the same gpu as the dreamcast, unless my dyslexia's messing with me, making me misremember what the gpu is in the dc. Think it's a PowerVR chip or something, Nec made it.

Anyways, sort of hoping someone's got a dec 2000 dc to boot off of cdr's, but I guess I shouldn't hold my breath.

I can probably trade my DC for an older one, i'm sure someone might want a newer one if they aren't using it for homebrew stuff.

I haven't been around the DC scene in a few years, glad it's still around. If anyone has any info or software for the dev kits, send me a message please. I'd like to get it running like it was supposed to be before I start figuring out how to turn it into a computer of some sort (if I can). Otherwise, I think I will mod it with a PC for some sort of arcade/console thingy. Or it will sit where it's at, while I work on my Amiga 1000 or SGI Octane I also recently got. :thumbup:

January 9th, 2007, 08:03
Yeah if you want homebrew in your Dreamcast, you will need to get an older one. Plus you can't play unofficial games like Last Hope since it's on CD-ROM :p
You need to get a Dreamcast manufactured BEFORE October 2000 ;)