View Full Version : Two player Ridge Racers

April 3rd, 2005, 18:31
When you have wireless play are there other cars on the track or is it just you and your opponent? Is this the same for Wipeout Pure?

April 3rd, 2005, 20:42
only 2 cars on the track when i was playing it

April 3rd, 2005, 21:25
It should be up to 6 players in a race if you have 2 friends with Ridge Racers. Also I think the america version might support npc racers too however, i'm not sure on that one.

April 4th, 2005, 00:39
what i meant was that there are only 2 cars on the track ... player 1 and player 2 - no AI cars, and (according to the PSP box) i think that theres a maximum of 8 players allowed in the race at the same time! thats really cool if you ask me but where in the UK can u find 8 people in the same town with a PSP?