View Full Version : A quarter of UK firms expect tablet adoption to fizzle out

August 28th, 2012, 23:26
And two-thirds reckon the telephone will become extinct within five years.
Tablet sales continue to spike, topping tens of millions each quarter, but 24 per cent of UK company CIOs reckon the tech will die out, according to Virgin Media Business.
Meanwhile, 65 per cent believe the telephone will become a thing of the past within the next five years, as most people today possess a mobile phone, and 62 per cent think PCs will be abandoned.
Smartphones look to stand the test of time though, as just 13 per cent believe they devices will be irrelevant.
70 per cent of Brits are set to own a connected mobile smart device by the end of 2012, demonstrating how ubiquitous the tech has become.
Tony Grace, chief operating officer, Virgin Media Business, said: "A decade ago it would have been unthinkable to suggest an office without telephones. Now itís hard to imagine being separated from our smartphones.