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April 5th, 2005, 00:13
This is the first of my reviews for PSP games, first off im not a professional reviewer im just a joe bloggs in the street who happens to run a few websites for the fun of it.


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World Tour Soccer Description

Fans of the extremely popular World Tour Soccer franchise can now take the global game on go and play a match anytime, anywhere with World Tour Soccer for the PSP handheld entertainment system. Featuring 128 club teams, 86 international teams, nine international classic teams from the past, nine classic club teams from the past, seven league all-star teams, six international super teams and eight different stadiums, World Tour Soccer for the PSP provides gamers with the ultimate soccer experience. Supporting up to two players via wireless multiplayer connectivity, gamers can compete against the Artificial Intelligence (AI) or go head-to-head against another player. World Tour Soccer for the PSP features several gameplay modes including Quick Game, Exhibition Match, Challenge Mode and Cups Mode. By featuring the tightest, most realistic soccer action for a handheld to date, World Tour Soccer for the PSP is easy to pick up and play, but challenging enough for the biggest soccer fan by offering the accessibility of intuitive controls coupled with the depth and complexity of the real sport.

World Tour Soccer Features

-Choose from over 150 teams and take them to glory at domestic or international level
-Unlock new club sides, special teams, extra stadia and cup competitions by achieving success in various game modes
-Advanced User Alert System pinpoints other PSP players within range for instant ad hoc challenges
-WiFi multiplayer for 1-2 players

The Review Itself

On looking at the case i felt the presentation was quite decent and it did boast a lot of features even a 2 player mode if you have 2 PSPs etc, make sure you also have a memorycard to save your settings. Now i never read instructions so ill be honest there, im just a pick up and go player.

Onto the game itself, firstly you are greeted by a screen to choose your language once you have done that it takes around 30 seconds to load, first time you load youll be asked to make a profile but thats an easy task, after that youll come to the option screens and theres just what you would expect from any soccer game these days but i must say the music got on my nerves (a personal taste issue), graphically the screens looked great so for the moment its all very good, anyway lets get to the game ;).

Choosing my usual England team i decided to try to take on some of the worlds best teams however a lot of the teams are locked in exhibition play until you unlock them of course. Loading times during the screens to set the game up were minimal and the screens going into the match seemed very polished.

The commentary on the game was quite decent and i would say above the average of soccer games, the actual soccer itself didnt have the feel of games like Fifa or the Pro Evolution series of games, at times i felt it hard to control with the PSP buttons and the pad, i also felt the animation wasnt as good as you would expect from a USA PSP launch title.

A good soccer game to fill the void before the likes of Fifa 2005 and Pro Evolution hit the PSP but lets be honest the game isnt in the same league as the 2 previous games.

Overall i would give it a 7/10

Heres some screenshots

April 5th, 2005, 00:13
got a review hardware or software then post away in this forum :)

April 5th, 2005, 08:14
i will as soon as i get my PSP :(