View Full Version : Total Control and Homebrew

September 18th, 2012, 19:54
Hi, I've just gotten a dreamcast recently not only for the great selection of games I've played on friend's consoles but for its incredible homebrew community that refuses to let it die. 5 bucks for 2 controllers, a vmu, and the system w/ out cables? After extensive cleaning and whenever i get the cables, its a steal :).

So to get started on homebrew, I've been looking into getting both the serial usb sd adapter and total control plus. Problem is, I want a total control plus because I've read that people recommend it for first person shooters and bleem. Yet at the same time others swear that the other analog stick is not even active/disabled no matter which of the 3 settings you choose.

So the question is, is it disabled indefinitely? or is it only non functional for official dreamcast games but bindable/mappable for homebrew? This would definitely make the idea of playing half life and doom mods on the dreamcast more appealing if this were true. Hopefully it isn't disabled hardware-wise so coding it in would be possible.

[EDIT] after enough looking i FINALLY found one or two sources that confirm that there is currently no way to dual analog stick anything with an adapter. Still no confirmation as to if the other analog is homebrew bindable(potentially) though. Hell even if an adapter made the other analog emulate the dc mouse it would work. Oh well guess ill just get a dc mouse and keyboard or tryem out with awkward controls. This can be closed if u want, sorry.