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April 6th, 2005, 10:36
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[04/04/05 09:38]
Studio Liverpool's futuristic racer leads the way for downloadable PSP content

After a recent visit to Sony's Studio Liverpool we can exclusively reveal solid details regarding the downloadable content of its PSP game, Wipeout Pure.

The studio's communications manager Nino Ceraolo confirmed that the additional materials will be available in downloadable packs and will initially provide players with 12 extra tracks and four ships, as well as new team and front-end skins.

Emphasising the benefits to players, Ceraolo points to the fact that, "When the packs are downloaded, they'll integrate into the game to make new tournaments" - something that should ensure players are engaged long after the twists and turns of the principle courses have been tamed.

Of the 12 new tracks, four will be full environments that were possible contenders for the main game, but were eventually earmarked for download. Another four will be tracks taken from the previous games and given a Pure makeover, while the remaining courses will be a mixture of more minimal, abstract affairs.

All downloadable content will be available from the game's website, and the process of shifting it on to your PSP should be simple enough, using either a USB cable or by connecting to a wireless LAN (local area network) from the in-game browser.

The website will also provide more incidental content for download, such as extra music tracks and billboard designs.

A music mixer will also be featured on the site and will grant players the opportunity to remix all of the in-game music tracks. Once players are happy with their tweaking and twiddling, they will be able to download their efforts.

While most of the downloadable content is finished, Sony is currently in the process of figuring out the best way of releasing it, because, as Ceraolo explains, "We want to make sure all downloadable content isn't already out in Japan and America before the European launch."

When we raise the subject of a 'contents for cash' price structure, Ceraolo is, at least with regards to the short-term strategy, assured in his response. "We want to get people to use the extra content, so for the first six months I can't see there being any paid-for content - it's not something we want to do."

And, yes, downloading all the initial packs will definitely fill up the 32MB memory stick provided with PSP, so you'll either have to store downloadable content on your PC or splash out for a bigger memory stick, which, for most PSP owners, will be unavoidable anyway given the meagre space provided by the default stick.

However, this niggle shouldn't divert attention away from the fact that Studio Liverpool is truly trailblazing when it comes to downloadable content - an area of PSP that is, at present, massively neglected.

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