View Full Version : Windows 8 on tablet - elegant and useable

October 3rd, 2012, 22:11
Microsoft's Apps World stand offers a tantalising glimpse of what to expect from Windows Phone 8.
Apps World in London's Earls Court has hundreds of exhibitors, seminars and demonstrations to choose from. The ebb and flow off delegates means that areas will fill up and empty regularly over the course of the day.
But one stand that is perpetually busy is Microsoft's.
There's no doubt that a large number of people are attracted to the Microsoft's area by the sight of tablets running Windows, and the whispers of 'Is that a Surface?' ping back and forth from those approaching.
The answer, alas, is no - it's not a Surface.
But people remain, because after playing with Windows 8 on a tablet it doesn't matter that it's not on the company's forthcoming slate. Playing with the OS is such an immersive experience that the portal becomes non-existent, the OS itself is king.
Offering the ability to flick between a traditional desktop and the not-called-Metro-anymore start menu, on a tablet, Windows 8 tablets might prove to be the first device that can truly offer the ability to do a full day's work in the office, but also be suitable for surfing and general dicking around when lazing on the sofa in the evenings.
Completely polished, the best word to sum up Windows 8 is 'elegant'.
The music library looks like a storefront, the way it offers up your contacts' details the most intuitive system I have seen yet, and you can feel that the whole thing has been designed for touch.
But what about Windows Phone 8?
Well, despite a series of talks about the mobile OS, there was a notable lack of any real new information about Windows Phone 8, but rather than frustrate, this seemed to only stir up more anticipation, even among the usually cynical delegates - especially once they had had a chance to play with the tablets on display.
I bumped into a vehemently anti-Microsoft friend at the show - this guy is Linux all the way - and when I told him how much I liked Windows 8 he gave me the kind of look that nerds are all too good at firing towards those of us less-technically minded; a mixture of pity and irritation. However, when I saw him again two hours later, his manner had changed.
"Did you have a go on the Windows 8 tablets?" I asked. Looking at the floor he mumbled, "yep".
"And what did you think?"
A pause, a sigh.
"It was really, really nice."
HA! In your face!
If Windows Phone 8 is anything near as enjoyable and practical as Windows 8 on tablet devices, the company really might start making a dent in iOS and Android's dominance.