View Full Version : Ok, Ive Been way out of it....

January 22nd, 2007, 21:27
Alright, So ever since I Accidently Upgraded my PSP to 2.8 I stoped watching the new homebrew things coming out for psp because i refused to buy GTA and I knew now i couldnt do anything homebrew.

So long story short, now im back looking into things for psp, and Now i see that you can get ps1 games on psp and such.

So if anyone could post links to walk throughts on how to get the following done:

Eboot loader for 2.0

How to play ps1 games on psp

Eboot Emulator for 2.6 for 2.0(One that lets me play my bought psp games that require 2.6 to play so I can run them on 2.0, if such a app exists)

Any help here would be greatly appricated!


January 22nd, 2007, 21:43
First you need to downgrade from 2.80 to 1.5 using the downgrader HERE (http://www.noobz.eu/joomla/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=35&Itemid=1)

January 22nd, 2007, 21:49
Alright, anything else you can help me with??