View Full Version : I keep getting ".bba init error" when starting SDLoad and can't load roms

January 23rd, 2007, 19:57
Hello. I'm using SDLoad on a 2GB Sandisc SD Card using Gecko adapter and using AR version 1.14

I've been able to get the SDLOAD menu to come up, as well as my emulator menus when i click on their respective .dol file, and i've even been able to play Splatterhouse based on a Hugo.dol file that i injected with a splatterhouse rom.

My problem is loading roms. When i go to load a rom, SDLOAD keeps saying "unable to open SD Card".

I put on the root of my card the SDLoader.bin file, and i also put a folder called SNESROMS containing my snes roms which are in .SMC format on the root of the card, and i did similar stuff for the rest of my files. My .dol emulator files are all on the root of my SD Card.

I'm using SNESGX v 0.0.4x, and i've also tried SNESGX v 0.0.5x, plus the SD edition of fceugc, and also the pre-compiled version of Genesis Plus for the Gamecube. I have downloaded all of these here from dcemu.co.uk

For whatever reason, my roms cannot be recognized while using SDLoad. The folders i put them in show up on the SDLOad menu, but the roms i put inside them do not appear.

I formatted my SD Card using "FAT", and i did all the other stuff before doing the AR codes.

My SNES roms are all in .smc format in a folder called SNESROMS. All of my NES roms are in .NES format in a folder called NESROMS. Genesis roms are in .SMD format, in a folder called GPROMS.

I have SDLOADER.bin on the root of my card, as are my .DOL emulator files. My roms are in their respective folders with the folders themselves on the root of the SD card.

Any help or suggestions?