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January 23rd, 2007, 22:38
hi, i just wanted to say thanks for everyones help on my other posts, i got 3.03 OE-B now, and I want to run gpsp ( the GBA emulator) on it... the problem is im told it only runs GBA bios files, not .ROM files. I ve got tons of rom files, so is there any way to change them to bios files, or, if not, where can i get bios files to run on gpsp?

Just to say this, before i was told that gpsp is an amazing emu, i was using pspvba, which seemed to have major sound problems, as well as running in slow motion....

January 23rd, 2007, 22:55
Sharing gba bios is illegal!

If you want it so badly dump it with your gameboyadvance your self, im not totally sure on the tools you use as i know its legal to do that at least.

DCEmu can not provide you with bios for gba as its against forum policy, please read the rules!

-1 day bann and you will learn your lesson!

-read the rules