View Full Version : PSP launch USA -Flop or not?

April 9th, 2005, 21:15
People in other forums have been commenting how the USA launch was a flop as Sony didn't sell out in the first 7 days of sale. alot has been said about it not been holiday time and being over easter so retailers were closed but i think this:

1) Sony apparently sold 500,000 units in the first 2 days - hardly a failure
2) Sony only earmarked 200,000 for the launch in Japan (which was just before xmas) and sold out in hours. how many would you set aside for the usa launch, out of the holiday season? i would have guessed around 500,000 not 1,000,000 but it appears that the US got plenty spare to make sure that there wern't shortages.
3) most of the places that didn't sell out are the ones who I wouldn't go to for a brand new games machine (would you go to ASDA for one on launch day in the UK, really?).

these are just my views, what do you guys think?

April 9th, 2005, 21:51
Agreed Vimes, dont think it can be regarded as a flop, seems like healthy sales figures, I just think that people havent given credit to Sony for doing what it can to supply enough to meet possible demand.

Its a great console, everyone I've shown it to are impressed with it, a couple to the point they have ordered their own, it reminds me of the PSOne (that was a landmark console), I was very indifferent to the PS2 (the XBox is far superior imo), but this gadget has enormous potential.

Anyone who loves gaming cant help be impressed, if it gets just a few more AAA titles then I think it will become a 'must own' , assuming it hasnt reached that point already :)


April 9th, 2005, 22:34
500,000 seems pretty good to me.

I think sales of the PSP will grow and grow as it's capabilities increase.

I would imagine it will be a big seller at CHristmas.