View Full Version : Speed difference Memory Stick Pro DUO within PSP

January 25th, 2007, 12:47
After some reports of improving your memcard read/writing speeds, I decided to try it out this morning.

My equipement:
a PSP running 3.03 OE-B
a Sandisk 4gb (real)
a pc :P
and PSXReality Memory Stick Tester v1.0 (http://www.dcemu.co.uk/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=48678)

First I formatted my memory stick. By doing this on the PSP itself it will create a FAT32 partition and default folders.

FAT32 (default)

after this i tried formatting it to FAT (FAT16).
This isn't possible from the gui in some cases, so I used the command line in windows and typed:
Format F: /FS:FAT F: is my PSP drive.

While formatting, windows might give a warning. Just ignore this.


Well the image shows a small speed increase, but to make it more clear I used paintshop pro to overlay the images:


red - fat32 - write
green - fat32 - read
blue - fat - write
yellow- fat - read

We can now clearly see that the blue line seems more stable (and faster!). Which means writing small files is faster on FAT. However on large files it shows that FAT32 is a little bit faster (20MB+)

Overall reading speeds seems faster on FAT.

Perhaps others could try this out on their sticks? Please tell what type of memory stick you use, brand, if its real/fake, size and type of FAT.