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April 10th, 2005, 09:31
Japan Wipeout Downloads are available now. Starting with Gamma Pack 1, there will be one per month for six months.

New User-Agent for Japan Wipeout: SCEJ PSP BROWSER 0105 UCJS10007

The browser uses this link on the web page: proc://command/http://wipeoutpurepsp.scej-online.jp/downloads/pak_gamma1/download.pspdif

So now we have a new protocol link to play with: proc://command/xxxxx

Japan Wipeout Pure Download URL: http://wipeoutpurepsp.scej-online.jp/?serviceId=wipeoutpure_ingamesupport_main&hostId=ucjs10007_wipeoutpure_psp_umd_1&hostLanguage=en&pspId=xxxx&skin=Default

The PSPID is blanked out, but is not required. In fact you can simply browse to http://wipeoutpurepsp.scej-online.jp and it will take you to the downloads.

When you request a download it downloads this file: http://wipeoutpurepsp.scej-online.jp/downloads/pak_gamma1/download.pspdif
which appears to be encrypted, then that initiates a request to
http://wipeoutpurepsp.scej-online.jp/downloads/pak_gamma1/data.pspdat which is a ZIP file.
if you replace the download file then it downloads it, and the light flashes so it looks like it's writing to the memory stick, but then throws you back at the "select a connection" screen, and seems to delete it off the memory stick, he replaced it with a 3 meg file, and it seemed to write it to the stick for ages but when he checked it on his pc it wasn't there anymore.
It is called "gamma pack 1".

if you go to download it again it asks "OVERWRITE EXISTING FILES "GAMMA PACK 1" 3776KB ... OK/CANCEL... in the PSP GUI.






April 10th, 2005, 10:28
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